10 Spring Cleaning Tips

10 Spring Cleaning Tips

10 Spring Cleaning Tips

Posted by Stone Care Experts | April 21, 2015 | Product Reviews

Who among us actually likes to clean? I love a squeaky clean house, but don’t necessarily enjoy the process of getting it to that point. As a result, I’m always on the lookout for shortcuts to take, cleaning tips to pin, or products that help make the process easier. If you feel the same way, read on for 10 spring cleaning tips that will help you hack your cleaning routine.

Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Get the kids involved – Worst case scenario, they make a mess of an already messed up area (but, hey they were out of you hair during that time so you could get something done, right?) Best case scenario, they actually remove a chore from your list! No matter the outcome, you’re teaching them to pitch in and help around the house which is going to make life easier for you in the long run. Here is a great list of age-appropriate chores for children ages 9 months to 17 years!

2. Dust with dryer sheets – Not only do fabric softener sheets remove dust from a surface, they make the surface dust-repellent for a little while. Hand some drying sheets to your kids and let them go to town on your baseboards.

3. Melamine Foam is your friend – Melamine foam, (aka Mr. Clean Magic Erasers) make life so much easier, especially if you have kids. My favorite use for them is wiping grime and fingerprints from cabinet doors, switchplate covers, and the areas around doorknobs. Just wet and wipe! They are also great for cleaning scribbles from walls. I use a knock-off brand that’s cheaper and works just as well. They are slightly thinner than brand-name, but at this price you can use them up and toss them with no guilt. This is another easy way for kids to help out too.

4. Use multitasking products – Young Living has a fabulous all purpose cleaner that is safe for pets and kids. It multitasks almost as much as you do, Mama!

5. Set a timer – Using this method, my mother has been tricking herself into cleaning house for the last 40 years. Cleaning can’t usually wait until we’re motivated to do it. If we only cleaned when we felt like it, our homes would likely resemble something from an episode of Hoarders. Try setting a timer for 10 minutes and tell yourself that you’re only going to clean until the timer goes off. Once the timer goes off, feel free to park yourself back on the couch and binge-watch Netflix, but odds are you’ll have gained some momentum and won’t mind cleaning a while longer. If not, at least you got 10 minutes worth of cleaning done!

Timers are helpful for getting the kids involved too (are you sensing a theme here with my spring cleaning tips?). Find a cool timer like this Death Star one and tell your whining children that they only have to clean until they notice the lights and sounds.

6. Utilize All-Purpose Wipes – These are especially useful in the bathroom where there’s at least a mirror if not a mirror, glass shower door, towel rack with glass shelves, and a window! Keep a tub of All-Surface Cleaner Wipes in your bathroom cabinet and you don’t have to worry about hunting down newspaper or paper towels to clean the glass and mirrors in your bathroom. They’re also wonderful for shining up your fixtures!

7. Carry a Caddy – Since you’re using multi-tasking products, it won’t be too full! Still, a caddy is useful for carrying cleaners, toothbrushes, your melamine foam, and a pair of gloves from room to room. This saves time by eliminating the need to bounce back and forth from room to room. Your supplies are always within reach!

8. Use an extension cord – Plug your vacuum into a central location in the house. Use an extension cord to make sure you can reach all of the rooms without having to go back, unplug, and move to a different outlet.

9. Find a one-step floor cleaner – Granite Gold comes to the rescue with their Squeeze & Mop floor cleaner which deep cleans your ceramic tile, granite, marble and travertine floors with no rinsing or buckets. Just squeeze and mop for cleanliness and shine.

10. Remove shoes at the door – This is more of a maintenance tip than a cleaning tip, but if you implement the “no shoes in the house rule” you’ll be saving yourself a lot of work in floor care….and keeping E.coli at bay. Ick. If you’re like me and just can’t go barefoot in the house, buy a good pair of house slippers with an actual sole or designate a new pair of flip flops to be worn only in the house.

What spring cleaning tips would you add to this list? When your all done, check out how to declutter a bedroom.

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