Grout Cleaning is a Dirty Job

Grout Cleaning is a Dirty Job

Grout Cleaning is a Dirty Job

It just might be the most frustrating task of all there is related to granite cleaning and other natural stone care.  You clean your grout and usually with satisfaction, and there it is again – dirt, grime, stains.

There are typically two reasons why grout cleaning is so frustrating.  First, most grout is located in high-traffic areas, whether on tiled floors or counters and other food-prep surfaces.  Second, typical grout cleaning products are either a masking agent (they just cover the dirt and grime and don’t clean the grout) or they’re too abrasive on the tiles.

Here are a few tips on keeping grout clean:

gloved hand cleaning tile grout with toothbrush

Toothbrushes are a popular tool in grout cleaning; Granite Gold Grout Cleaner comes with brush made for cleaning grout

  • Frequently seal grout lines to maintain maximum surface protection against spills and stains
  • Use a cutting board on food-prep surfaces
  • Immediately clean up spills
  • Try Granite Gold Grout Cleaner®, which is formulated to deep clean grout and comes with a safe-on-stone grout brush
  • Agitate dirt and grime away from grout lines with a nylon brush to deep clean the grout
  • Grout cleaners won’t remove stains; for stained grout, it’s better to re-grout the tile, followed by sealing it

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Can granite gold grout cleaner be used on the grout which is around marble tile. Please answer as soon as possi ble Thanks

Hi Brenda,

Yes, it can, and we also recommend sealing grout lines to protect against spills and soil build-up.

What is the ph of the Granite Gold cleaner? I also would be interested in using this for my sealed marble shower tile/grout. Does this work on sealed surfaces? What makes this effective vs just a neutral ph soap/water mixture? My grout has turned dingy over the 2 years since installation, and has a slightly redish tint. The bathroom has had very light use. I am trying to find a safe and effective cleaner for it. Please advise, thank you.

Hi Lisa,

The ph for Granite Gold Daily Cleaner® is 7.0-8.0. Granite Gold® products are designed for use on all natural-stone and manufactured-stone surfaces, and we always advocate sealing natural stone surfaces. What makes our formula more effective than a soap/water mixture is the years of research and testing we put into our products to ensure they effectively clean and protect stone surfaces.

How long should you wait for the grout to dry after cleaning with the Granite Gold Grout Cleaner before applying a grout sealer? Thanks. John

Hi John,

The grout should be completely dry before sealing; wait at least two hours.

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