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Posted by Stone Care Experts | 06 July 2017

Granite countertops are absolutely gorgeous…when you take care of them the right way. The problem? Most of us don’t really know what “the right way” is! I think we just…

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Posted by Stone Care Experts | 20 May 2015

I use the Granite Gold All-Surface Cleaner on everything and the Granite Gold Clean and Shine makes my granite counters look like new. Today I’m talking about getting it all…

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Posted by Stone Care Experts | 14 May 2015

The kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s usually found pretty central physical in the dimensions of your home, but more than that it’s literally the space where so…

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Posted by Stone Care Experts | 08 May 2015

Granite Gold® can help you save your precious time When we bought our home last year, a major fun aspect of it was renovating. I finally had my space, my…

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Posted by Stone Care Experts | 10 April 2015

There are a plethora of reasons that natural stone surfaces create a sophisticated and functional area in residential and commercial properties. From counter tops to flooring and even bathroom walls,…

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Posted by Stone Care Experts | 07 April 2015

When our kitchen remodeling project was complete and we started using the new appliances, cabinets, sinks, fixtures, etc., we encountered some unexpected consequences of our new purchases – namely care…

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